Husband Tikhanovski left in custody for another 15 days

Wife Svetlana Tikhanovski, which has nominated a candidate in the presidents of Belarus, left in custody for another 15 days. As reported Belarusian portal, blogger Sergei Tikhanovski accused of violating the law on mass events.

According to investigators, in late may during the collection of signatures for presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski in Mogilev he allegedly organized an illegal rally, “in which were committed the actions that breach public order”. Tikhanovski received 15 days of administrative arrest “for disobeying the police” in Grodno on 29 may.

He planned to participate in presidential elections, but failed to register as a candidate, as in the expected time frame was in jail. Instead, the registration documents filed by his wife Svetlana.

the presidential Elections in Belarus must pass 9 Aug. They involved the sixth time the incumbent leader Alexander Lukashenko.

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