This was a political gesture as it is artistic: the first show that Stanislas Nordey began the scene, while he was taking the direction of the national Theatre of Strasbourg, was I’m Fassbinder . A text that he cosignait the staging with the German writer Falk Richter and in which he played one of the characters. It was a way, close to the Rhine, to mark this bridge that it can be the TNS between France and Germany, and also a way to show that he mouillerait his shirt…

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The time Fassbinder in the 1970s, they have not known, Nordey and his actors: Judith Henry, Laurent Sauvage, Dea Liana, Vinicius Timmerman. In a vast space, crowded, apartment and location filming, photographs, screens, furniture, the mess, following this succession of moments which will from the past to today, with migrants, or Daech.

Nordey and Richter give a side music hall to the performance. Dance, songs, film clips or interviews, it is the research of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982), who burned his life, never ceasing to work in theatre and cinema. His vital energy, his ultra-sensitivity, his doubts, his fears toxic, contributes to the strange nostalgia which seizes everyone. This world is very far away, and yet, it is so close. A theatre that plays to the sensibility and intelligence of each. That shakes and reconciles.

I’m Fassbinder to the Roundabout 2 bis, avenue franklin Roosevelt (Eighth).
Tel.: 01 44 95 98 21. Hours: of the the sam. at 20: 30, sun. 15-h. Until , April 28.
Seating: of 23 to 38 €.


Nordey and Richter give a side music hall to the performance. Jean-Louis Fernandez