the head of the Department of public Affairs and social work Toksovskoe urban settlement Ilya Kravchenko was at the centre of scandal from-that did not want to throw trash in the trash bin. It is reported “Rise”.

on the Night of 18 July the official had a conflict with visitors “McDonald’s” in the New Devyatkino. Kravchenko refused to throw their garbage and said: “I couldn’t care less, to me all this environment — drove-sick, I got a huge motorcycle.”

Later he said that was because just before the conflict almost got into an accident and “just snapped”.

“the Administration has appointed check, I got suspended. All this has been said on emotions. I have a paper bag fell in a puddle. They tried to appeal to my conscience, and I was already pissed off <...> I just didn’t want to raise the package from the pool, I was afraid to get dirty,” said he.

Kravchenko added that the responsibility does not remove.

“I have several times publicly apologized and is ready to meet with them personally and apologize”, he concluded.

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