Activists and residents of populated points located in the immediate vicinity of the proposed GK Avtodor traces of road M12, protest against all currently proposed options of the route corridors in the section from Lakinska to D. Barracks Sudogda district of Vladimir region. This is stated in the relevant petition, posted on the portal

According to the author of the petition, on the side of the road with traffic 40 thousand cars a day will be a number of villages with a population of more than 1,000 people, the living conditions of the people will be seriously degraded, will be consolidated protective forests of the Klyazma river, would be compromised 7 nature monuments (floodplain lakes) with red-listed plants and animals, unique historic landscape. In addition, to be demolished more than nine homes.

in addition, near the road will be a secondary school in Gridino, where he studied more than 40 children, two large SNT (each more than 300 sites), the camp “Ulybysheva”, sand pit and lake Akulovskiy used for the recreation of residents of the Vladimir region, the high pressure gas pipeline of GDS-2 s. Spasskoe — GRP rainbow, the 500 kV lines, two ancient architectural monument, standing on the protection of the state, the churches in the villages of Borisogleb and Arbuzovo, archaeological monuments near the village of Kuzmino Sobinsky areas.

In General, concludes the author, the construction of transit roads will lead to the decline of the area, which is currently actively used for country of residence and recreation of the residents of Raduzhny, Vladimir and Moscow.

He notes that from may 2019 to all authorities from the office of the President of the Russian Federation and the government of the Russian Federation to all levels of the legislative and Executive authorities of the Vladimir region was written hundreds of petitions collected thousands of signatures of residents, a series of pickets and flash mobs, demonstrations, meetings, gatherings.

the Author requires the inclusion of representatives of all the action grSCP in the discussion of the traces M12 between the company “Avtodor” and the administration of the Vladimir region. Otherwise, say activists, they will continue by all legitimate means and collectively defend their rights and interests.

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