“You’re going to terribly miss you and I find it hard to imagine the world without you,” wrote Jesse Clegg, the son of the singer who told of his admiration for the monument that was his father’s death at age 66 on Tuesday, July 16, at Johannesburg, of the continuations of a cancer of the pancreas. A disappearance which has led to many tributes.

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Under a black and white photo posted on Instagram where we see the two men accomplices, playing the guitar, Jesse Clegg, 31 years, explains: “Thank you for these gifts of magic that you have given, thank you for creating a place so special to your family in your life. As a man and as a musician thou hast always been an inspiration and have shown me how to live a life full of meaning. (…) But I am relieved to know that your wisdom and compassion continue to live through us. Hamba kahle dad, be at peace. You have done so and we will honor this. I will always love you.”

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Thank you for the magical gifts you have given us and for creating a special place in your life for your family. You have inspired me both as a musician and as a man, and given me the tools to live a meaningful life. I will miss you deeply and I struggle to imagine a world without you. But I am comforted to know that your wisdom and compassion lives on in all of us. Hamba kahle dad, be at peace. You have done so much and we honor you. Love you always.

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Jesse Clegg, 31 years old, is one of the two wires that the singer had with his second wife, Jennifer Bartlet. The boy was soon bathed in the musical world: he spent the first six years of his life, alongside his father, on tour, at the same time, in the early 90’s, where the singer met with a huge success adapting the mbaqanga, a style of music traditional zulu. Jesse Clegg released his first album in 20 years, in 2008, titled When I Wake Up .

He also participated as a musician in the recordings of some of the disks paternal. And plans this year, after a long tour through South Africa and the United States, to record her fourth album, whose first single, Let it burn is available since the beginning of July on all platforms.