The 43rd edition of the Annecy Festival ended on Saturday evening. During a ceremony celebrated in the salle Bonlieu, the heart of the event, the friendliness was the key word. And if the evening began with a few minutes delay, festival-goers have been waiting in the right mood by making flying paper airplanes, great tradition of the festival savoyard. The winners were finally succeeding on stage to collect their reward. Edition 2019 of the event has registered a new record attendance with 12.300 accredited against 11.700 last year, welcomed the organizers.

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Moderated by the festival’s artistic director, Marcel Jean, in a costume into it, the evening was opened by Michael Marin, the new director of Citia, who is organizing the event. Once the formalities of thanks had been completed, the ceremony starts and prepares to give 20 trophies. It is famous for the first time the production of augmented-reality (VR). It is Gloomy Eyes , the argentine Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado wins. They go up on stage, crazy of happiness by hopping like rabbits, animal fetish of the festival. “When we prepared this project, it was made thinking of Annecy. Then Annecy I love you!”, rejoice-they.

Then it was the turn of Gints Zilbalodis to enter in the history. The filmmaker Latvian won the first Crystal of the film, Contrechamps, with Away , a film he describes as “very personal”.

A parade of awards continues. We do not count, as their titles are subtle. Fortunately, to make the evening more digestible, the ceremony is interspersed with short films unpublished. Among them the hilarious Maestro , directed by Illogic. French sets the scene of the animals of the forest who dubiously claim to be opera singers, in the woods in the moonlight. With a squirrel for conductor! The rodent directs a choir of frogs, turtles, and a blue tit, among other things, a soloist on the air Italian.

Jérémy Clapin on a cloud

And then, it is the dedication to Jérémy Clapin. The director, already winner of the Grand Prix in the critics ‘ week at Cannes last may, has won not one, but two awards. First, that of the public, presented by Mr. Octopus and Davy Mourier, both behind the voice of characters of Spycies , also presented at Annecy. With the humour that we know him, the host of Crac-Crac , on Canal+ and his comrade of the Golden Mustache deliver a performance reminiscent of the one that the comedian was offered in 2018 to Caesar.

The hour was to lightness, for the last award, the filmmaker and her producer, Marc de Pontavice, getting on stage a part of the team that has participated in the setting image of the film. The Crystal is handed over from the hands of the jury, composed of Yoshiaki Nishiura and Nora Twomey and chaired by Julie Gayet. Once on the stage of the salle Bonlieu, Jérémy Clapin is stunned by what happens to him.

“I feel I have been around the lake twice,” jokes the filmmaker has 45 years old, breathless with emotion. Marc de Pontavice repeated at the meeting what he said to the public on June 13, during the presentation of the film to the festival-goers: “No territory is forbidden to the animation.”

I lost my body , a film that is intended for an adult audience, due out in theaters in France on the 6th of November next. It traces two trajectories: that of a hand escaped from a hospital, for research in Paris of its owner, and Naoufel (the young man amputated), pizza delivery man awkward, a lover of a certain Gabrielle. The feature-length film based on the novel Happy Hand of Guillaume Laurant, the writer of the Fableux destin d’amélie Poulain , and mixes a variety of tones: the fantastic, the love story, the drama…

a big Fan of David Cronenberg and John Carpenter, Jérémy Clapin has thought a lot about Rubber (2010) by Quentin Dupieux, the story of a serial killer tire and telepath, to make his own film. In I lost my body , “it is the hand that speaks, it is his film, it is she who makes us travel”, stressed the director during the presentation of his work at Cannes. No “happy end” to the program in the film which is based on the great musical compositions of Dan Levy. But a precise line. Colors and naturalists who describe Paris at the most just in unbelievable scenes: we think of this confrontation between the hand and the rats in the subway or the crossing of the device in an umbrella.

The crystal for best short film is returned to Memorable of the Breton Bruno Collet, already awarded Friday by the prix du jury junior for a short film. Buñuel after the golden age of the Spanish Salvador Simo (shown in cinemas in France on Wednesday, 19 June) received the jury mention in the category feature-length films and that Uncle Tom: Accounting for the Days from the director of the Portuguese Regina Pessoa was awarded the jury prize in the category short films.

The 44eme International Animation Festival, Annecy will be held from 15 to 20 June 2020 and will celebrate the animation of the african continent.

The complete list



• the Crystal in the feature film

I lost my body by Jeremy CLAPIN

• public Prize-First

I lost my body by Jeremy CLAPIN

• jury Prize

Buñuel after the golden age of Salvador SIMO

• Price Contrast

Away of Gints ZILBALODIS


• Crystal the best implementation of VR

Gloomy Eyes of Jorge TERESO, Fernando MALDONADO


• Crystal-short-film

Memorable Bruno COLLET

• Price, “Jean-Luc Xiberras” first implementation

The Rain of Piotr MILCZAREK

• Prix du jury > Jury Award

Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days Regina PESSOA

• Mention of the jury ex-æquo

special Mention for the power of the scenario

Pulsión Drive Pedro CASAVECCHIA

• Mention of the jury ex-æquo

special Mention for the social impact

My Generation Ludovic HOUPLAIN

• the Price to the public

Memorable Bruno COLLET



• Crystal for a film of order

Ted-Ed “Accents” of Roberto ZAMBRANO

• jury Prize

#TakeOnHistory “Wimbledon” SMITH & FOULKES


• Cristal for a TV production

Panic in the village “The agricultural Fair” of Vincent PATAR, Stéphane AUBIER

• jury Award for a TV special

The Life of castle of Clémence MADELEINE-PERDRILLAT, Nathaniel H LIMI

• jury Award for a TV series

The Scent of Iraq “The Cowboy of Fallujah” Leonard COHEN


• Crystal film of end of studies

Daughter Daria KASHCHEEVA

• Mention of the jury

These Things in My Head – Side Luke BOURNE

• jury Prize

Rules of Play Merlin FLÜGEL


• Award for the film “Off-Limits” > “Off-Limits” Award

Don’t Know What of Thomas RENOLDNER