In the bins for two weeks only, the album Since it is written of Jean-Baptiste Guegan – the “double vocal” Johnny Hallyday – is already a gold disc. The winner of the edition 2018 of the show France has an incredible talent interprets the twelve previously unreleased tracks that he owes Michel Mallory, one of the main lyricists of the taulier.

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when Asked by Tv Entertainment about this album, Sylvie Vartan has hailed the talent of the Breton, whose voice can be mistaken to that of her ex-husband. “It is true that he has an incredible voice, modeled on that of Johnny, this is really disturbing”. Ecstatic, she welcomes the enthusiasm for the album: “I heard an extract, and I’m thrilled for his success. So much the better for him and better for my friend Michel Mallory.”

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If she admires the talent of Jean-Baptiste Guégan, Sylvie Vartan, who confided recently not be able to accept the death of Johnny, is likely to be one of the thousands of fans who have already purchased the album. “I refuse to listen to it, as I also refused to listen to the last album of Johnny Hallyday released posthumously. I knew too well in what conditions drama he had recorded it, I was too afraid to pick something that wasn’t…”, she said.

At the Grand Rex on October 23 and 24, Sylvie Vartan will give two concerts. In front of the parisian public, she will sing in turn of occasions, taulier, and titles of his latest album With You. “The show is a celebration of the common life of Johnny and Sylvie, and the music they made during these Years to the Mythical,” says his official website. Another tribute, which is also expected to attract the admirers of the deceased rocker.

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