from the Villa of Zsa Zsa Gabor, he’s already moved out: Prince Frederic von Anhalt to be inhabited after the death of his wife, who died two years ago at the age of 99 years, to a luxurious Penthouse apartment in Los Angeles. But the widower wants to get away from Hollywood and seems to have a longing for Germany. More precisely, to Berlin. Prince Frederic wants to buy the Villa by Tim Bendzko. Also, for the financing, the widower is already something.

“I would adopt him. And then the Prince’s crown,” said Prince Frederic, the “image”-newspaper. His offer: He would pay for the Villa Bendzko (“Just save the world”), which is in a suburb of Berlin in Brandenburg, 1.5 million euros. On top of that, the singer won the Prince title by Adoption.

Prince Frederic allowed himself to adopt

With the title of the trade knows of Prince Frederic. He left in 1980, from the impoverished Marie Auguste Princess of Anhalt to adopt, and came to his Prince title. Threaded had the Deal at the time of the famous titles dealer Consul Hans-Hermann Weyer. Now Frederic was, of the citizens a different way, Hans-Robert Lichtenberg, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. The German high nobility yelped.

TV review “Prince of Hollywood, Frederic of Anhalt” the Proud Prince, and the poor sausage By Jens Maier

Meanwhile, the false Prince even adopted several people, they made carriers in order to title. Including dubious personalities: for example, the Brothel Keeper Marcus Prinz von Anhalt. Also Bendzko could be a indication.

Prince Frederic wants Tim Bendzko meet

“If Mr. Bendzko want to, I’ll make him a Prince,“ said Frederic, the “image”-newspaper. He was, in December, again in Berlin, and wished to meet with the 33-year-old singer then. Whether, however, has time for that? Bendzko is 30. November in addition to Bryan Ferry, Milo, and the Pointer Sisters part of the concert tour Night of the Proms, and occurs in Germany and Luxembourg. Berlin is not on his tour schedule.