IATA believe that passenger air travel in the world will be restored not before 2024

The international air transport Association (IATA) has downgraded the forecast of falling of passenger traffic in 2020 for the previous year. So, reminiscent of “Interfax”, in the spring, the organization predicted “failure” 46%, now 55%. Such expectations IATA explains several trends: slow containment COVID-19 in the United States and developing countries, reduction of corporate travel (because of the financial pressure on the business), and weak consumer confidence. According to the forecast organization, in the following year, global passenger traffic will grow compared with 2020 by 62%, while it will be lower than in 2019 30%. Full recovery to the level last year are expected in 2023. IATA indicates that since the recovery of passenger traffic on short routes is expected to be more rapid than long-haul passenger traffic will recover more slowly. To “Datavideo” level, the corresponding figure will be back before 2024, according to the international Association. IATA suggests that while there is more risk reduction than improving the baseline forecast.