Join Limoux since the capital cannot be improvised. In addition to the sleeper train that reaches Carcassonne in nearly eleven hours, the easiest way is to go to Béziers, change it to Sete and Narbonne and finally Carcassonne to finish, because up to Limoux. A certain taste of adventure is, therefore, required. But the game is worth the blanquette. We know of Limoux and its sparkling wine, But its theater festival, Nava, has also gained notoriety. And Nava, for “New authors in the valley of the Aude”, celebrates this year its 20 years.

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Jean-Marie Besset, the child of the country, has climbed to the pinnacle of his career, when he lived in New York, was the director of the Théâtre des 13 vents in Montpellier and played his parts through the world. With a friend and stage director Gilbert Désveaux, he imagines this festival a little special, where we would interpret the texts just written, just dry, in the wake of their …

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