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If you recognize these quotes, you are a (real) philosopher

They looked on the great mysteries of the world: love, God, nature, conscience… They have explored the multitude of issues that we end up all we ask. Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?

philosophers, lovers of the doubt and inhabited by uncertainty, shaping for many centuries the way we see the world. It can be epicurean, skeptic, humanist, or nihilist. Adopt a materialistic view of life or a vision of a rationalist. Be positivist or cartesian. In short, the grids of reading are endless. Paradoxically, they are also limited. How can we be certain that our reading of the world is the right one?

anyway, the philosophy bequeathed to us thousands of thoughts. Montaigne warns us as well: “to Philosophise is to learn to die”. Sartre tells us that “man is condemned to be free”. Galilee, he explained to us that “nature is written in mathematical language”.

Can you recognize these famous quotes? Le Figaro proposes to you, thanks to the book Citations philosophiques explained by Alexis Rosenbaum, Florence Perrin, to discover in a short test.

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