Ignoring the decision of the court of Sable and Bulk led to the filing of the application in the RF IC

“schoolboy” filed to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with the request to check against Alexei Navalny and Lyubov Sobol on the subject of failure to execute court decision about the removal from the Internet of information discrediting the honor and business reputation of the plant.

the General Director of the enterprise Alexander Buslaev addressed with the statement in SK the Russian Federation with the requirement to verify against members of the “Fund of struggle against corruption” (recognized by noagenda). In a statement, the head of the “Moscow student” indicated that the Bulk and Sable, as well as a former employee of the plant Natalia Shilova last year had circulated on the Internet false information, claiming that the company allegedly violates sanitary standards involved in the outbreak of diseases in children at the end of 2018.

in the Autumn of 2019, the works initiated in the capital’s Arbitration court on protection of honor and business reputation, which demanded to recognize the false information disseminated Bulk, Sable and Shilova, and also to pay compensation. In December, a Moscow court has recognized the disseminated information untrue and ordered employees FBK and Mrs. Shilova to remove from the Internet all the materials in five days from the moment of entry into legal force of the judgment.

the Bulk of the Sable attempted to appeal a judicial decision, but on 17 March 2020 the Ninth arbitration appeal court left it unchanged. That is, the judgment came into legal force on 17 March, and all untrue material had to be removed before 23 March 2020.

However, the statements, no Bulk or Sable, the court’s decision has not performed. According to the General Director “Moscow schoolboy”, as of 5 Jun in Internet you can find the materials for disposal. With “Bulk Live” and not deleted video “What to feed children in kindergartens and schools in Moscow». Sobol also did not remove the entries in Twitter and Facebook. In addition, none of the defendants have not issued any denials.

the Head of “Moscow Schoolboy” asked the RF IC to check for the presence in the actions of Navalny and Sable of the offense under article 315 of the criminal code (Failure to execute court verdict, court decision or other judicial act).

Recall, the Moscow Arbitration court, except for satisfaction of requirements about removal of information, collected 88 million rubles in favor of “student of the Moscow” with Navalny, Sable and FBK. And Shilova have sought only 1 ruble compensation. In April last year by the former employee “the Moscow student” has posted a video message to the Russians, which said that the defamation of Kombinat pitaniya pushed her in the FBC, taking advantage of the difficult position in connection with the illness of her child. As stated by the woman, Sable promised to help her, but after the announcement promises not fulfilled, leaving Shilov with a sick child.

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