Ilya Varlamov told how he had coronavirus

a well-Known journalist and video blogger Ilya Varlamov said that he had been exposed to coronavirus in a mild form and acquired antibodies to the infection.

In my LJ he spoke in detail about their feelings and well-being on different days of the disease. The entrepreneur announced that he was baskili weakness and fever. While he had no cough. In this regard, he consulted with a doctor.

“after Hearing the story of all my symptoms, the doctor said that 99% of this coronavirus. Doctor prescribed treatment. You’ve got to understand that no treatment from the crown there, so treat the symptoms,” Varlamov wrote.

According to him, the temperature had gone on the fourth day. “On the 4th day, everything was stable. Temperature seems to be gone. The thermometer showed 36,2, I felt just great,” said the reporter.

On the eighth day, the blogger did a CT scan which showed “a single barely visible small foci of seals of the type “frosted glass”. Varlamov has given the conclusion of the CT signs of viral infection, with a high probability COVID-19.

On the 9th day the men appeared coronavirus rash, which he first took to be traces of mosquito bites. “A month later I was tested for antibodies and it was positive,” added Varlamov.

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