Dany Boon, who returns to the stage of a parisian theater, is the third personality favorite of the French after Jean-Jacques Goldman and Omar Sy according to the latest ranking of the JDD . Not a question for the actor to lose that sympathy. After the doubts expressed by Mediapart on its “patriotism tax”, the director of Bienvenue chez les Ch tis wished to “reassure” the public, on Thursday, its page on Facebook.

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“I always pay, I pay and I will pay the tax where it is claimed, everywhere where I exercise my professional and artistic activities,” begins Dany Boon. This is to say that he has never practiced any sort of tax exile.

Dany Boon, currently the poster of Eight euros per hour at the theatre Antoine, it also ensures that all his savings are “legally placed and reported in strict compliance with the law and the duty tax”.

Without mention of “tax fraud”, Mediapart accused the actor of practice tax optimization. The first is a bypass illegal tax, the second, a legal mechanism of avoidance. Supporting Documents, the site investigation consisted of eleven investments “in hedge funds controversial”, “hedge funds”, notably in 2014 and 2015, passing two tax havens, the Bahamas and the Cayman islands.

Deconstruct the image of a “patriot tax”

“I’m proud to have paid in France in 2018, on my income 2017, a tax is very important, corresponding to a tax rate of nearly 50%,” adds Dany Boon. Often at the head of the players the best-paid of the hexagon ave of the stamps in excess of three million euros per film, Dany Boon is, to the real, a taxpayer weight.

In march 2018, Dany Boon has, for example, reported that it had refused to establish a tax structure in Luxembourg neighbor, as he proposed in his book. Even if the installation was legal. “I earned [my] money because of my country, the education that I received, it is normal that it returns to him”, he said and

journalists Mediapart , by the voice of Fabrice Arfi, denounced an attitude “strange” on the part of the actor. Assumed, their motivation is to fly in the face of, in any case, to deconstruct the discourse of Dany Boon. And, if possible, to fracture the passage “the image of patriot tax” that it is given.