It is the Anonymous of the stand-up French. The videographer who manages the YouTube account CopyComic was made known in 2017 by issuing to overwhelming montages where the skits of comedians French as Gad Elmaleh and Michaël Youn seemed to be plagiarism. On Sunday, Sandra Sisley, the wife of the actor Tomer Sisley, has accused Kheiron and Baptiste Lecaplain to be the authors of the videos. What the two persons were immediately denied. In turn, the mysterious user of CopyComic confirmed their sayings on Twitter: “I’m not Kheiron, nor Baptiste Lecaplain”.

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“I would therefore like [Sandra Sisley] good courage to present the evidence of our long-awaited”, he then amused. Before you criticize the former columnist of Key not at my post! which, according to him, has “improperly used” his celebrity to launch an unfounded rumour. The user then stated that “a young comedian parisian had already been pointed out to be CopyComic” and had suffered serious consequences, “prevented from riding on parisian scenes, and receiving from intimidation and physical threats”. “Since then, Tomer Sisley, and those who were convinced that they presented their apologies to this young comedian?”, if it is asked.

fifty comedians informants

The raven YouTube, explains that “exchanges with over fifty clubs known” that support its work and enable him to have verified information. Among these, there is little doubt that figure Kheiron, quick to denounce the “endless flight of texts” comedians. “I am proud to have been part of this aid,” he wrote Monday on Twitter. Strong support is also broad, the denunciations of CopyComic initiated with sketches of Tomer Sisley does not seem close to being eradicated. In a final tweet, the justiciar of humor has also made clear that this case was “motivated [s]e back on some folders”. That will be his new target?