Import of sugar to Russia began to accelerate, and exports are falling

Russia for the week from 15 to 21 June brought 85.8 per ton of sugar, and imports began to accelerate, follows from the review Center for agrobaltika under the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

“For a week (as of June 21), Russia imported (excluding trade law) 85,8 tons of sugar (plus of 12.4% compared to the previous week), including 75 tons of raw sugar and 10.8 tons of white sugar”, — stated in the monitoring.

However, analysts, “the volume of sugar imports in General for the season-2019/20 below the level for the same period last season two times and is 134,3 thousand tons.”

At the same time in season 2019/20 a major exporter of white sugar to Russia is Belarus, which accounts for 88.6 per cent of Russian imports of these products.

Meanwhile, the weekly volume of export of white sugar as of 21 June was 18.0 thousand tons (excluding trade with the EEU), which is less than the level of the previous week at 3.2 tonnes, or 15.1%.

According to the Centre for agrobaltika, “the reduction in supply due primarily to a decrease of export to Georgia,” “and the main importer of Russian sugar in the third week of June was again in Uzbekistan”.

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