In a Network there was an appeal to the leadership of the Central Bank (CB) of the Russian Federation and the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin to deal with Sberbank, which began to charge a Commission of 1% for the transfer of any amounts through their ATMs. The Bank, despite the difficult financial situation of citizens in the pandemic, “overlaid all users tribute”, state the signatories of the petition.

They doubt the legality of such commissions and urge the company to “immediately” regain it all back.

“Suffer from such actions (introduction of fee of 1 p. p.) the most vulnerable segments of the population who, because of a lack of financial literacy is simply not able to leave the service to another Bank”, — emphasized in circulation.

the Creators of the petition say that “Sberbank” and was previously accused of “greed”. Recently, the Bank imposed by the Commission transfers in excess of 50 thousand rubles a month, “even if the translations are to the client of the savings Bank of the same region”.

meanwhile, the Central Bank has already responded to the innovation, describing the fee for money transfers within the Bank are unreasonable.

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