Insisting on the “particular gravity” of the charges, Advocate General Jean-Louis Persico requested four years in prison and one year suspended probation against the defendant Priscilla Majani who appeared for false and slanderous denunciation, subtraction and no-show of children.

The representative of the public prosecutor’s office underlined the importance of the “trauma of the daughter” of the former couple, the result of a “particularly conflicting separation” in particular around the custody of the child.

Priscilla Majani, 48, was sentenced in September before the Toulon Criminal Court (south-eastern France) to five years in prison, a sentence combining two previous convictions against her for the various counts in 2015 and 2016, while she was on the run.

Ms Majani disappeared with her five-year-old daughter in 2011 after accusing the father of rape and sexual assault on their daughter. This complaint had been closed without follow-up.

The defendant had finally been extradited in August 2022 from Switzerland, where she had been arrested a few months earlier after a banal road check.

“Everyone can draw from it what they want” summarized, in front of a moved room, the president of the court Corinne Hermerel about the viewing of the hearing of the little girl in 2011, where she answers questions from the police. on the acts of sexual assault of which his father was then accused.

The hearing took place in a sometimes tense atmosphere where two people, supporters of Ms. Majani, were evacuated from the room.

“She did everything to remove the child from the alternating residence” applied at the time of the facts, said the father, believing that his daughter “was destroyed by her mother”.

Arguing the benefit of the doubt, Ms. Majani’s lawyer, Me Sophie Benayoun defended “the hypothesis that she left to protect her daughter” and pleaded for release, considering that “the credit we give to the word of our children” is at the heart of the trial.

Placed under guardianship in Switzerland, the child, now 17, filed a complaint against her father for acts of psychological, physical and sexual violence with the Swiss justice system, the Swiss public prosecutor told AFP, confirming 20 Minute news.

The Swiss authorities “are currently examining it” and declined to comment.

The decision was reserved for Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 2 p.m.