In a potential accomplice Lutsk terrorists have found a weapon and ammunition

In the house of 44-year-old Kharkiv citizen, who is suspected of assisting the terrorists who seized a bus carrying passengers in Lutsk were found grenades, pistols, gun and ammunition, reports a press-service GU of the national police in the Kharkiv region.

According to authorities, during the search were found and confiscated in case of hand grenades RGD-5 and f-1 and six type uzrgm fuses to them and three educational simulation fuse. In addition, were seized two TT pistols, “Dreyse” and 100 cartridges, shotgun and 122 of the cartridge thereto.

All withdrawn weapon and ammunition are directed on examination. The suspect was arrested and is cooperating with the investigation, the police verify the different versions of the crime.

Recall that in the morning Tuesday in the Ukrainian Lutsk man with weapons and explosives seized hostages passazhirov bus. Secret service acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack. Subsequently, the hostages were released and the terrorists arrested.

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