At the risk of repetition, what is expected of a festival, it is a singularity. Something that you could not see or hear in a room of directory forced to bet on the long-term. From this point of view, the Tosca , staged at the Aix-en-Provence by Christophe Honoré, co-produced with the Opéra de Lyon, is resolutely, and without ambiguity, a spectacle of the festival. For the entrance to the masterpiece of Puccini, the directory aix, filmmaker and man of the theatre has designed a show marked with the seal of the intelligence and virtuosity. Asking ” what is Tosca to the lyricophile as for the performers, it takes seriously the fact that the main role is that of a singer. He then, imagine a situation worthy of Sunset Boulevard : an old diva who was once a Tosca famous lives retired in his luxurious mansion, surrounded by a court. It does work with the role of Tosca to a young soprano to prepare a concert that his fans …

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