In Armenia, the public may remain only one Russian-language TV channel

the Parliament of Armenia adopted on second and final reading the draft law “On audiovisual media”. As reported by Sputnik Armenia, the opposition voted against it.

Earlier discussion of the bill has already received the big public resonance. There were opinions that the Armenian air should be cleared of foreign influence, others were concerned that in Armenia want to ban TV shows in Russian.

the new law does not provide for closure of foreign-language TV channels, but proposes not to include them in the net public relay as they can sound opinions that do not coincide with the information policy of Armenia by its key issues. Wishing, according to the authors of the document, you can continue to watch these channels on cable packages. By the way, the exclusion of the public multiplex threatens us CNN.

However, at least one Russian-language channel in General the grid will be — it is the TC “Mir”, the broadcasting of which is carried out in Armenia under international agreements.

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