In Austria, returned to the polls mask mode

the Austrian Authorities ordered the return of compulsory wearing of masks in public places: shops, banks, mail, etc. the Country is threatened by a new outbreak of coronavirus for the first time since may daily increase in the incidence of COVID amounted to more than 100 cases.

As has been said by the Prime Minister, Sebastian Kurz, Friday also becomes a mandatory requirement for submission of a certificate confirming the absence of new pulmonary infection with those who enters the country with epidemiologically dangerous areas.

At the same time Austria was the first European country, where the abolition of isolation. Out of the house without restrictions, residents are allowed to have on 1 may. Then, on June 15, abolished the requirement of the universal mask mode.

Earlier it was reported that in France, people living without a mask in enclosed public spaces will be fined 135 euros.

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