In Bali killed a popular blogger-millionaire from Russia

Deadly accident in Bali ended the life of 18-year-old Russian woman Anastasia Tropical, which led to the Instagram blog about freelancing, make money online and work.

According to preliminary reports, two motorcycles collided, one of which was driving the girl.

Under the last post in the account of girls – hundreds of comments of condolence.

“unfortunately, our Anastasia no longer with us. I can’t believe it. Mother”, — stated in the message.

footage from the scene shows how medical staff take the body after examination by the police.

Like many popular bloggers, Sonya often traveled and gave preference to exotic countries. Your first million in her confession, the girl earned in 15 years.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to