Picasso looks at you, Picasso looks at himself. He is waiting for you, decided and teller, dressed in the famous marinière, the two palms-plated on the glass that separates it from the objective. The chance , a picture of Picasso in Vallauris, taken with the quick wit of Robert Doisneau in 1952, is enlarged as a mural-size heroic open “Picasso la mirada del fotograf” (in catalan) at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. Exhibition unprecedented for its overview and its magnitude. This is the Picasso of the legend, the painter photogenic and the male assumed that remains itself regardless of the context or the photographer. This Picasso is a king of a palace, empty, sitting alone in front of Still life the castle of Vauvenargues, in April 1959, and the great photojournalist american David Douglas Duncan (1916-2018). It is Picasso with the eyes so black, the two small planets in the dark, which talk Bill Brandt, the master of prints contrasting, to the California in Cannes in October 1956. …

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