In Bashkiria there was oil spill on the river SIM

In Bashkiria there was oil spill on the SIM river in the village of Askaris.

As reported in the administration of Iglinsky district of the Republic, the locals decided to disassemble the metal barge, which 40 years ago sank off the village of Askanis. As a result of their actions in the SIM river spilled waste oil. The incident occurred at a favorite place of beach rest of the villagers. The area of the spill is 50: 5 sq. m.

Is the elimination of the accident: booms installed, is pumping oil. On site working staff of Rosprirodnadzor, the Ministry of environment. Bashkiria and local chinovniki. On the eve from the river was pumped 10 tons of emulsion. The works continue.

In fact, the actions of the collectors, scrap the test leads the police.

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