In Beijing have warned about the risk of an epidemic due to the discovery of the coronavirus in the biggest market

the Threat of an epidemic due to the “clustered outbreak” of disease with the novel coronavirus, the largest in the Beijing market “Sinhali” is “very high.” This statement was made speaker of the Moscow Committee on safety and health Gao Xiaojun, writes RIA “Novosti”.

the day in the city identified 56 new cases of infection. Flash came on the market just two days ago, the authorities hastily shut down the other markets and introduced other sanitary restrictions. Before that, in Beijing two months were not recorded new infections.

in the country Previously stated that suppressed the spread of infection. The coronavirus since last year in China has infected more than 83 thousand people, of whom died, over 4.6 thousand New disease was first identified in Wuhan city, the majority of infections and deaths in China had on him.

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