In Belarus, announced the organization of protests from abroad

the First Deputy interior Minister of Belarus Gennady Kazakevich said that mass protests before the elections, the President initiated from abroad.

According to him, the foreign powers organized an unsanctioned rally through social networks and messengers, with it the process takes only a few hours.

it is Noted that hereinafter “this action” pick up the opposition forces in Belarus, and the authorities are “forced to react”.

“Those unauthorized socio-political events that took place in June and July this year, was initiated within a few hours,” said Kazakevich, the TV channel “Belarus 1”.

the Deputy Minister reminded that it is about the technologies of the so-called “color revolutions” are still registered 1970-ies. In this connection, he drew attention that the administrators of the Telegram channels are responsible for calling for the violation of public order.

Meanwhile, the state border Committee of Belarus decided to create a “barrier to illegal activities” in the framework of the task of strengthening the operational cover of the state border, including with Russia. This statement was made after the arrest 33 the Russians at Minsk and South of the country, they were accused of involvement in “foreign private company Wagner”.