In Belarus began to register presidential candidates — passed the documents and the headquarters of the detainee of Babariko

Belarus began check of the presidential candidates, which will last until 14 July inclusive. Those who register will be eligible to participate in the next stage of the election campaign — election campaign.

Documents for registration at the CEC was filed by seven people, BelTA reports: Victor Babariko, Andrey Dmitriev, Anna Konopacka, Svetlana Tikhanovski, Valery Tsepkalo, Sergey Caraceni, as well as the current leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Babariko called the main rival of Lukashenka. Currently he is in jail, he was arrested on June 19 in the case of Belgazprombank, which he previously managed. Babariko suspected of creating and running an organized criminal group for the purpose of withdrawal of hundreds of millions of dollars abroad.

Presidential elections are scheduled for August 9. The results of the Central election Commission shall sum no later than August 19.

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