In Belarus revealed where you actually drove the detained Russians

Belarusian investigators have completed the questioning of 33 of the Russians detained in the night of 29 July, and found the new circumstances.

the Representative of SK, Alexander Agafonov has told on air of TV channel ONT that fly to Istanbul, one of the detainees was not going, but found their tickets had been bought for the sake of “alibi.”

during questioning, it became clear that 11 Russians had intended to fly to Venezuela, 15 in different cities of Turkey, two to Cuba and one in Syria.

it is Noted that three detainees refused to testify and another said he didn’t know where he’s going. According to Agafonov, the goal of finding Russians in Belarus was “controversial,” but the group was organized “by military standards”.

in addition, found out that personnel management was carried out through the mobile messenger service WhatsApp.

Earlier, the Belarusian authorities said that a group of 32 people were detained in the sanatorium near the capital. All of them, according to Minsk, are members of a private military company Wagner and allegedly planned to “destabilize the situation” in the country before the presidential election.