before Brazil after the victory of the right-wing populists Jair Bolsonaro a dictatorship again? Will destroy the new President, and expresses its sympathy for the military regime, the Brazilian democracy? And how he was able to convince with such slogans, a majority of Brazilian voters? To understand this, it helps to look at the way in Brazil since the 60s, and the key figure in Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the successful President of Brazil from 1995 to 2003.

at the beginning of the 70s, a major conference on “the future of Latin America was held in Buenos Aires”. Among the guests of the sociologist Fernando Henrique Cardoso, which was regarded as left-wing intellectuals. He regretted the withdrawal of the Brazilian President Joâo Goulart in 1964 by the military, but also to its chaotic style of government, and made him expressly for the coup of the military responsible.

Cardosos path shows the special features in the dominion of the Brazilian armed forces from 1964 to 1986. While in countries such as Chile or Argentina, the participation of the politicians, by the resolution of the parliaments was completely switched off, clocks of the military in Brazil is different. They broke in 1965 while the existing parties, created by decree two parties, the regime close to the “government party” Arena and the critical of the regime “opposition party” MDB.

Under the military regime, the policy was marked by an informal coalition of generals, politicians, and technocrats. The economic Credo of the regime, the concept of the “Desenvolvimento”, a state-created economic development. The economic growth of Brazil at the time, over many years, growth rates of over ten percent. And in international Economics circles, recognizing the “Brazilian model”.

It speaks to the strength of the Brazilian civil society that they came from the second half of the ‘ 70s becoming more and more active in the political process. So Cardoso, 1978 for the “opposition party” MDB to the Senator of the state of São Paulo. From it he made the party of the Brazilian social Democrats. This he later led as President in the government after he had previously brought as a Minister of Finance Inflation under control. The architect of Brazil’s rise to the turn of the Millennium, Fernando Henrique Cardoso was.

but How could it not be, that it was his party in the recent presidential election, once again in the runoff election? It was as well swept, like many others, from the great corruption scandals of the past years.

rise of an outsider

not have been possible Without this would be the rise of a political outsider like Bolsonaro. Of all of his homophobic, misogynistic and anti-democratic gaffes, the majority of the Brazilians has seen, because he was the candidate without involvement in corruption. And the one who promised a tough Hand, against rampant street crime. The current murder rate in the country is higher than in Mexico.

not helped him, that a part of the people of the time, the military is only a bad memory. For many it was a time of more security. The drug mafia had no significant influence in the Favelas, the slums were no “No-go Areas”. Bolsonaro has announced that the former commander of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti, Augusto Heleno, the Minister of defense. If it were possible, to protect the Brazilian borders and the actions of the drug lords restrict, much would be won.