In Britain, because Russia may adopt a law on

against the background of the “Russian threat” and the actions of other “hostile States” the powers of the secret services of Britain can be seriously expanded, and controls tightened.

According to BBC News, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering the adoption of the new law, which will become an analogue of the Russian law on “foreign agents”.

In order to avoid “acts of espionage” and attempts to interfere in the internal Affairs of Britain the representatives of foreign powers will be required to register on arrival in the country and to report on its activities. Otherwise, they become violators of the law, if adopted.

In Britain, have prepared their own registry of foreign agents on the model of the approach of the US and Australia. Mandatory registration will be to get everything working on behalf of foreign governments, officials and political parties.

Earlier in the UK estimated the extent of Russian penetration into public life and politics and called for a review of the program “Golden visa”, which prefer Russian oligarchs and other wealthy investors.

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