In Britain, protesters against racism ruined monument to Churchill (photo, video)

In the UK protesting against racism began to attack the monuments. The demonstrators crossed out the name of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the monument in his honor, and paint wrote “was racist.”

A defiant Winston Churchill statue sings “I’m Still Standing”

— TheIainDuncanSmiths (@TheIDSmiths) June 10, 2020

“the Extremists have taken control of the protests against racism in the UK, their aim is violence,” wrote the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the incident in his Twitter account. He criticized the protesters urged not to censor the country’s past, explaining that the monuments taught the people history.

According to Johnson, the statue of Churchill — a reminder of the achievements of the policy for the salvation of Britain and Europe “from the fascist and racist tyranny.” in this case, “Churchill sometimes expressed ideas that are unacceptable to modern humans,” added Johnson.

After British anti-racism protesters targeted a statue of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised people not to attend demonstrations this weekend and said that anyone attacking public property would face ‘the full force of the law’

— Reuters (@Reuters) June 13, 2020

Earlier, British fighters against racism urged to demolish the pyramids of Giza, saying that during construction were used a slave labor, and they “praised racial intolerance”.

Protest in Britain, the activists began in solidarity with protesters in the US who are outraged by the death of an African-American. We will remind, 46-year-old African American Floyd was detained by police on may 25 in Minneapolis. Video of the moment of the arrest appeared online — the footage shows how Cowen pressed on the neck of the detainee Floyd knee. African American SKONchalsa in intensive care. Covina fired and charged with murder. Because of this story in US cities erupted in riots and pogroms, has prompted calls for the destruction of monuments of historical figures.

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