In Britain, the young couple found a bomb during the Second world war, my grandfather in the barn

In Britain, the 18-year-old girl and her friend dismantled the barn late grandfather and found a mortar bomb and other munitions during the Second world war, writes The Sun.

According to the newspaper, a young resident of the English town of Blackpool was to clean the barn of his grandfather, who died about a year ago. She was assisted by 21-year-old man. During the parsing of garbage, the young people found a bag in which lay a mortar bomb, and reported the find to local police.

law enforcement officers evacuated residents of nearby houses, after which the engineers took out the shell. Experts found that the bomb had lain undisturbed for half a century.

She told reporters that the bomb was allegedly part of the collection of the late grandfather, who collected the objects during the Second world war.m

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