In Britain urged to do toilets

Truly tectonic shifts can cause a pandemic coronavirus in all spheres of society. Changes can affect even such seemingly unshakable region as public toilets.

according to The Daily Mail, the British toilet Association is confident that the further the separation between “M” and “W” will be not just meaningless but also dangerous to life and health.

the Creation of a “gender-neutral” toilets, according to experts, should become the norm in order to limit the number of people. It is assumed that men and women could stand in line at one door and exit through another door.

Managing Director toilet Association Raymond Martin has already approached the British government with the requirement to make a “toilet revolution.”

“It’s going to cost a lot of money, but if we want to return to the streets, to communicate, to walk in parks and on beaches, then the government should intervene. We want to bring a life in this country, and toilets are an important part of this,” he said.

in addition, in the era of postpandemic it is proposed to introduce a number of “toilet innovations — from the flush mechanisms and self-closing seats to touch faucets and soap dispensers.

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