A historic event. Starting next year, the sculptors of Easter island come-in-residence at the Valley of the Saints during one to two months to sculpt a statue Moai in the granite breton. This statue will measure five or six feet”, according to Philippe Abjean, president of the Valley of the Saints. “I first said that we could make the statue to Easter island and then get them to come by boat. But I was wrong, no stone can exit the island now,” said Justo Pastor Mellado, cultural attaché of the Embassy of Chile. This project of statue Moai of brittany “will be the first of its kind”, is happy there.

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A historical coincidence

The rapprochement between the site of Carnoët (Côtes d’armor) and the island of chile located in the heart of the Pacific ocean to the statues Moai monumental, has been formalized in the presence of the cultural attaché of the embassy of Chile, on the occasion of the inauguration of 18 new statues of saints from brittany. “It is a pairing that we will start not not. These sculptors of Easter island […] will represent the first step in a reconciliation that will likely see some of the other initiatives,” said Philippe Abjean to the AFP. “We will be the two great centers of megalithic in the world, and more specifically anthropolitiques, that is to say, with giant stones to human figures,” underlined the president of the Valley.

According to the cultural attaché of chile, “a lot of things” bind “mythically Britain to Rapa Nui, the name of the Easter island in the native language. If any 27.000 km separate the two sites, a historical coincidence the closer: the expedition of La Pérouse in 1786, under the reign of Louis XVI. The French sailor had landed on Easter island, which it had reached on April 9, to the map, and his second on board, Fleuriot De Lange, was the owner of the present site of the Valley of the Saints.

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The leaders of the associative project of the Valley of the Saints call their project “the Easter island of brittany” since the size of the first statues in the summer of 2009. On the site are installed 120 statues of saints from brittany. Ultimately, the objective is to draw up a thousand on the hill of Quenequillec. By comparison, Easter island has nearly 900 statues. The Valley of Saints every year welcomes some 300,000 visitors.