In California, more than 800 thousand students will remain on the online training due to coronavirus

In California, about 825 thousand students in the fall will continue to study remotely due to the spread of the coronavirus. This decision was made by the leadership of the United school districts of Los Angeles and San Diego, the largest in the state, writes the New York Times. According to the publication, in these districts abandoned the idea of even a partial return of the children to school.

currently, in the County of Los Angeles was about one third of all cases of infection with coronavirus in California. County of San Diego over the last week revealed at least 18 outbreaks of the disease. The superintendent of the school district Los Angeles Austin Beutner said that in such circumstances, schools can become a “Petri dish”.

the US President Donald trump said that by the new academic year school should be open, and disapproval was expressed about distance learning. Trump also said he would “exert pressure” on governors, insisting on the need of opening schools.

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