The displays do not go there by four paths. It reproduces in a red hue brothel beauty androgynous with her breasts barred by a black rectangle and with this hook : “The mystery finally unveiled.” One forgives, however, this bias enticing since, mine of nothing, it thwarts the puritanism of the robots of social media in fun.

The drawing of mona lisa naked , one of the main treasures of the rich collection of the duke d’aumale, who is the subject of an exciting and beautiful exhibition at the Chantilly estate, has sometimes been presented, blurred on Facebook and other Twitter. Like in 2017, when there was exceptionally traveled to Paris for a battery of analyses at the Centre of research and restoration of Museums of France (C2RMF), laboratory shielded under the Louvre.

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Leonardo da Vinci is he the author? When was it? Why has it been done? Such are the questions …

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