In Cheryomushki will open with nine cinema halls

On the street Kakhovka, on the site of the former shopping center and erect a multifunctional complex. On the first three floors will be shops, and the fourth and the fifth opens with nine cinema halls and food court. The government of Moscow all the necessary changes in land use and development approved.

According to the head Moscomarchitecture Juliana Knajevsko, we are talking about land on the street Kakhovka, possession 29A. Until recently, there was a shopping centre. Now they launched a large construction project. Inside the building is the large atrium that will unite all floors.

Also, according to Knajevsko, there will set panoramic elevators and escalators. Under the building can be arranged three-level Parking which can accommodate more than 500 cars. To enter the territory of the complex will be the Sevastopol prospect, leave — in Kakhovka.

Next to the building will be one of the exits from the station a Large ring line of the metro station “zyuzino”. The designers took into account this fact and formed adjacent to the shopping center area as a pedestrian space with sitting areas.

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