In children's camps of Petersburg and Leningrad region in the summer will impose severe restrictions on coronavirus

In camps of Petersburg and Leningrad region will ban the meeting of children with their parents, and all employees will be tested for novel coronavirus infection. About it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” told the invited officials and experts.

the Chairman of the Committee on education Jeanne Vorobyov reminded that children will not be accepted until June 30. However, the situation may change for the better, and then camp will open in mid-month, said the representative of the Smolny.

“We are ready to respond flexibly to the changing epidemiological situation. In the case of its improvements start date health campaign can be adjusted,” explained Vorobyova.

According to her, the number of children in the units will shorten to 15 people, and all the typical public events in the camps will be canceled, and the shift is two weeks. Other measures listed by the representative of the St. Petersburg Association “Adults and children” Hope Sholupova.

“the disinfecting greater extent than before. We understand that there must be another organization of power in our camps: this social distance, and the breeding streams of children. The next item is the staff. Our task, of course, to test all employees to children are not affected. Disinfection of air, ventilation”, — said Sholupova.

Only to receive children ready 13 St. Petersburg camps and 68 institutions of Leningrad region. The decision on the easing of restrictions can take in Smolny, in the case of improvement at COVID-19.

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