In Chita started in the sky a poster with the inscription:

In Chita unknown launched into the sky on balloons poster with slogans in support of the festival and got arrested at actions of solidarity with the far East blogger Lehi Fireman (Alexei Screenage).

As the “MK in Chita”, referring to the information of eyewitnesses, on Lenin square has launched black balloons poster with the phrase: “Free Lech Fireman. Khabarovsk, Chita with you” and “Lenin, riprap seed, hungry pigeons will soon be gone.”

Recall that the famous videoblogger Lech Fireman on Thursday was arrested for three days for organizing an unsanctioned rally on July 25. According to police, Screeny urged residents to share “Feed the pigeons” in support of the protesters Khabarovsk. On the eve of the protection of the blogger failed to appeal the court’s decision.

Earlier, the support group Screenage held a series of pickets in support of the Lehi Fireman.