In cities of Belarus began to protest

the Shares of protests started in different cities of Belarus. In social networks, people share information, photos and videos. Information of the Belarusian media spread via Telegram-channels, because the websites of the major media have stopped work.

As radio Svaboda reports and Telegram channel protests held in Mogilev, Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, and Minsk.

In Minsk, riot policemen started to detain people. The surrounding rushed to repel them.

— TUT.BY (@tutby) August 9, 2020

near the Stela “Minsk — hero city” rounded up about a thousand Riot police, which is currently severely suppress the speech of people. Riot police disperse protestors are chanting “Police with people!”. Law enforcement officers used tear gas.

In Mogilev, according to incoming reports, detained 10 people in Grenoble — about 10 detainees.

Radio Svaboda: People gathered in the area Nemiga, chanting slogans and honking cars.

— ERB (@euroradio_ru) August 9, 2020

Sign reported about the first victims of the protests and clashes with law enforcement officers. According to eyewitnesses, we know at least one wounded OMON officer that something smashed his head.

There is evidence of the first victims of clashes between Riot police and protesters against the results of elections of the President of the Republic at the stele “Minsk — Hero city”: and from the protesters and the силовиков

— (@znak_com) August 9, 2020

we Remind that today in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to the first official results and exit polls, the victory won by Alexander Lukashenko, he has more than 80% of the votes, his main opponent Svetlana Tikhanovski — of 6.98%.