In Pokrov hospital of St. Petersburg was held. Photos shared the anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the companies Sergey Sayapin. Medic complained about the lack of priests PPE in the midst of a pandemic.

“Ignoring common sense, the on-site courtyard Pokrovskaya hospital, without complying with the mask of the regime, without respect for social distance, is a religious rite. <...> In the case of the people present at the ceremony, who will be responsible and where are they to be treated? I’m not against religion, I am against the violation of common sense,” said Sayapin, earlier Piranesi COVID-19.

what is happening, the medic also accused the leadership of the intercession of the hospital.

Not all commentators agreed with the position of the doctor. A subscriber wrote that the priests still in the street, and therefore does not pose a threat to patients.

Recall, pokrovskuju hospital were reorganized for patients with COVID-19. The situation in the institution repeatedly complained to the doctors, and the doctor was urged to fire.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg until 31 may prohibited from attending churches and other religious institutions. The measure adopted in the framework of the fight against a new type of coronavirus.

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