In Dubai experienced Russian flying motorcycle — the developer almost died (video)

the Accident occurred during a test of the Scorpion-3 in Dubai. During a test flight nearly crashed the developer of the Russian flying motorcycle, said founder and CEO HoverSurf Alexander Atamanov on his page on Facebook.

He explained that the incident occurred due to technical failure. The pilot survived thanks to the automation and passive safety systems.

Motorcycle HoverBike Scorpion-3 is a hybrid between a quadcopter and a motorcycle operated by electric motors, which is developed by Russian engineers. Instead of wheels it has four screws on special brackets, and the two joystick controls.

Add, 2018, the company HoverSurf cooperating with the Dubai police and teaching police officers to use hoverbikes. The guards are planning to use the first flying motorcycle in 2020 in the daily operation.

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