In Estonia, the issue of gay marriage put to a referendum

Estonia will host a nationwide vote on the issue of gay marriage. Citizens will ask, what is considered family and is marriage only the Union of man and woman.

the Referendum should be held in 2021. And the idea was proposed by members of the ruling coalition party Estonian Centrist party, Isamaa and Estonian conservative people’s party. At the insistence of the latter in the coalition agreement introduced a clause providing for the conduct of the fall of 2021 referendum on the amendment to the Constitution on the protection of family and marriage simultaneously with municipal elections.

This topic has again become a widely discussed after recently the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid decided not to declare the Parliament adopted amendments to the law on diplomatic service. The decision was explained by the absence in the amendment of the principle of equal treatment for married same-sex couples who register their relationship under the law “On cohabitation”, said RIA “Novosti”.

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