In Estonia the Minister of Finance demanded to impeach the President

the Minister of Finance of Estonia Martin Helme demanded the release of President Kersti Kaljulaid from his post after refusing to sign the amendments to the law “On diplomatic service” adopted by the Parliament.

Kaljulaid refused to accept the amendment due to the fact that they, according to her, contrary to the Constitution of Estonia. The problem is related to the differences between heterosexual and same-sex families: according to the amendments, social security for spouses of diplomats are provided in accordance with the law “On family”, but do not affect the partners was by law, “cohabitation”, which regulates relations in same-sex families.

Kaljulaid asked the Parliament to bring amendments to the Constitution of the country.

In turn, the Finance Minister called the President’s actions “rainbow political activism” and said that she has no right to veto on laws for political reasons, the newspaper writes Postimees. He said that Celluloid “abuse of power” and should be dismissed.

Martin Helme is the Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional party of Estonia, which describes itself as nationalist, euroskeptic, xenophobic and homophobic party and pursuing populist policies.

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