In Europe sounded the alarm over a spike in infiltrations COVID-19 and can return the hard limit

European countries are actively preparing for a second wave of coronavirus and are considering to return some of the restrictions, the Guardian writes.

For example, the government of Catalonia has stated that some measures of “lockdown” — a situation in which stops of public life could return to if in the future the outbreak of coronavirus, it will be impossible to take control within 10 days. Nearly 8 thousand new infections were registered in Catalonia over the last two weeks, half of all cases identified during this period in Spain.

In Germany, public health officials are seriously concerned about the increase of cases of infection over the last couple of weeks. The head of the Ministry of health Jens span said that the country introduced mandatory testing for coronavirus for those who visited the territories, where there is unfavorable situation.

In France, the health Ministry urged to exercise caution after a sharp rise in infections among young people. Young people urged not to forget to wear masks, wash hands often and keep your distance from other people. In Greece are going to introduce the compulsory wearing of masks on the face, not only in supermarkets but also in other enclosed spaces where it is difficult to keep the distance. On such measures the government want to go, because the number of infections in the country continues to grow. In Belgium also do not exclude that the country can enter the second “full lockdown”. Earlier, the Director General of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus said that over the last month and a half in the world doubled the number of cases of coronavirus diseases and pandemic “continues to accelerate”. Today, the organization is aware of nearly 16 million infected and more than 640 thousand died of the infection.

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