the abduction Alert. The last time we saw Spider-Man in the flesh (and not in the great cartoon New Generation ), spider man does not wear well. Worse, he is reduced literally to ashes in the arms of Iron Man at the end of Avengers: Infinity War .

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“End of part” to the super-hero the most popular? Not at all. While waiting to discover the result, and the end of the adventures of Captain America, Thor and company in the very explicit Avengers Endgame , at the cinema on April 24, 2019, we take new of the Weaver with the previews of the next Spider-Man. And, don’t worry, it goes very well.

In the two trailers offered by Sony, we find Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in the middle of a school trip of two weeks in Europe. The banks of the Thames to the canals of romantic Venice, this is the opportunity for the young person to better get to know his classmate Mary Jane Watson (uncanny Zendaya), while his aunt May (Marisa Tomei) dredge, Happy Hogan, man of Iron Man (Jon Favreau).

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But these romances infant will soon be threatened by the arrival of Mysterio, and a few other disruptors that are very similar to Hydro-Man and Man-Sand. One thing is for sure, Mysterio, supervilain, emblematic of the adventures of Spider-Man comics, is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Nothing to spoil, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) – who had also disappeared in Avengers Infinity Wars – also makes his big return.