the Match of the 29th round between “Sochi” and “Tambov” will not take place, reports the official website of the Russian Prime Minister. Nine representatives of the Sochi club passed positive tests for coronavirus, which has become known only today.

the Club has notified the regional management of Rospotrebnadzora and is awaiting further orders of the Department. While not reported exactly who picked up the infection, how many of them players or staff of the club.

Despite the fact that Sochi is expecting a technical loss, the team has already guaranteed itself the best in RPL next season, scoring 33 points and taking 12 place. After a technical victory in “Tambov” will be 31 points, which also give a guarantee of departure.

Recalling that earlier “thanks” to the coronavirus residents defeated the “Rostov”, who was forced to field youth team, with a score of 10:1. Missed points due COVID-19 and “Orenburg”.

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