In four days the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world increased by almost 1 million

Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly among the population in different countries of the world. If July 4, the number of cases in the world amounted to just over 11 million people, or 8 July this indicator grew by almost 1 million — to 11 million 980 thousand.

Died about 547 thousand people. The mortality rate among patients COVID-19 is gradually reduced, according to statistics. The mortality rate decreased to 7% calculated portal

First place in a terrible rating for the number infected new infections are the USA (more than 3 million infected died 134 thousand), the second place — Brazil (over 1.6 million infected), the third — India (more than 746 thousand). Russia — fourth (more than 700 thousand infected died more than 10 thousand people).

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