In France, police have detained the man who seized hostages in a Bank

In the French city of Le Havre, detained, seized six people hostage in a Bank, said the head of the interior Ministry Gerald Darmanin in micro-blogging network Twitter.

According to Darmanin, all the hostages released, no one was hurt. The detention was conducted by officers of the special forces RAID.

we will Remind, earlier it was reported that 34-year-old man, convicted for criminal offenses known to the police and his mental unbalance, was taken hostage in the office of one of banks of Le Havre, at gunpoint. He put forward “unconvincing claim”, as reported by the media. In particular, he demanded that the Palestinians under 40 years of age can be admitted to the temple mount.

for several hours, negotiators convinced the man to release the hostages and surrender. He let people in one by one, and eventually surrendered to the SWAT team. Other details of the completion operations are currently not reported.